SHOS announces its partnership with Carbon War Room!

Solar Head of State is pleased to announce a new partnership with Carbon War Room, a non-profit dedicated to business solutions that reduce carbon emissions. Carbon War Room works with Caribbean island nations through its 10 Island Challenge program with the aim of accelerating their transition away from fossil fuels. It aims to strengthen the local economies and embrace the countries' naturally-occurring assets, such as strong winds and sunshine, rather than spending money on expensive oil and gas imports.

Solar Head of State has partnered with the Carbon War Room to kickstart and empower each country's shift to renewables. Each of the Carbon War Room's partner countries will be offered a free solar photovoltaic system installed on the executive residence courtesy of Solar Head of State. This is a chance for countries to make a strong symbolic gesture as they transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to one based on renewable energy.

This partnership is a step in the right direction for lighting up the Caribbean with solar energy, reducing energy costs for residents, and reversing environmental degradation. Solar Head of State looks forward to more partnerships like these in the future with others united in the goal of energy independence through renewables.