New Board Member Alyssa Newman

We are excited to welcome Alyssa Newman to Solar Head of State's advisory board. Although Alyssa has provided her advice and guidance since the beginning, she will now be joining us in an official capacity.

Alyssa brings over 20 years of experience in the energy and environmental sector. She has worked with and for several major solar manufacturers and system integrators, energy efficiency organizations, global nonprofits, and humanitarian leaders. She's the Executive Director of Empowered By Light, and is responsible for scaling up the organization, with successful solar school and conservation projects in Zambia to other critically endangered areas of the world (including the Congo and Brazil). She launched SunPower’s sustainability efforts in 2008, including the SunPower Foundation, where she managed more than $5 million in global energy programs and over 1MW of donated solar power technology. In 2015, after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, she led the Rebuild With Sun campaign to bring solar technology to devastated areas of Nepal, and as a way to show solar as a local and global solution to the global climate crisis. 

We are looking forward to benefitting from Alyssa's extensive knowledge in the sector and spreading positive messages about solar energy around the world.