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Design a project to inspire your community & communicate the benefits of solar ENERGY.

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We want you to create an innovative way to inspire your own community to understand the benefits of solar energy.

Get creative! Submissions can take a variety of forms, whether they’re recorded, written, displayed, or performed.


SOMe possible projects could include:

  • Designing a solar art project that inspires your community
  • Creating a guide to solar energy projects in your area
  • Writing and singing a catchy and informative song that could be played on the radio
  • Animating a short video to be spread through social media
  • Writing an essay or editorial on how your community can benefit from renewable energy
  • Writing and performing a short skit or play about solar energy in Jamaica
  • Or anything else you can think of!

Winning projects will be those that demonstrate creativity and an ability to educate people about the benefits of renewable energy for Jamaica.


Some points you may wish to consider:

  • How much money can be saved in your community by using solar?
  • How can solar create jobs for Jamaica?
  • How will Jamaicans benefit from solar energy?
  • What is Jamaica already doing with renewable energy?
  • How have other islands in the Caribbean used solar? What can Jamaica learn and what can it teach?
  • In addition to cutting carbon emissions, what are the environmental benefits of solar energy?
  • How did Jamaica traditionally generate its electricity?

For more information on the benefits of renewable energy check out this video.

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Prize money

1st Prize - US$250

2nd Prize - US$150

3rd Prize - US$100

bresheh Backpacks

All winners and runners up will also receive school backpacks donated by Bresheh

AWARD ceremony

Winners will be invited to attend an awards ceremony in Kingston to present their projects to a group of VIPs from government, business and civil society.




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