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Design a project to inspire your community and communicate the benefits of solar.



We want you to create an innovative way to inspire your own community about the benefits of solar.

Submissions can take a variety of forms, whether they’re written, displayed, or performed.


Some examples can include:

  • Designing solar art installations, and creating a map of the best places to put them around your city
  • Writing and singing a catchy and informative song that can be shared around your town
  • Animating an advertisement to be spread through social media
  • Writing an essay on what obstacles in your community play the biggest role in preventing solar and how to overcome them
  • Surveying twenty of your neighbours to get their opinions on solar
  • Writing and performing a short skit or play about solar energy in Jamaica
  • Planning a theoretical large-scale solar installation, and projecting cost and impact
  • Or anything else you can think of!

Whatever you decide, your submissions will be judged on their creativity and holistic approach to the issue, along with integration of research and statistics.

"Integration of research and statistics" just means provide some data to support your submission.


These are examples of some statistical things to consider in your submission:

  • How much money can be saved in your community with the integration of solar?
  • How many jobs will solar create for Jamaica?
  • How will people benefit from solar energy?
  • How long would your proposal take to achieve its maximum impact?
  • How does your submission correspond with current solar efforts in Jamaica? 


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