About Us


Our Vision

Working with governments, we offer to install solar photovoltaic systems on iconic buildings – such as executive residences – leveraging the experience to create visibility and social impact.

We support world leaders championing solar, acting as a catalyst for wider adoption of new solutions for renewable energy.

At Solar Head of State, we recognize that not all leaders are candidates for installation of a solar system. Therefore, we restrict our offering to heads of state that meet the following:

NOT listed on freedomhouse.org Worst of the Worst.
NOT private owners of the country’s executive residence.
NOT in power through means of military force.

Our Story

Solar Head of State (SHOS) is a non-profit organization formed by a worldwide team of grassroots activists aligned with solar energy social entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Our model was inspired by a campaign initiated in 1979 by US president Jimmy Carter who had solar water heaters installed on the White House to conserve energy and set an example for the American public amidst an energy crisis.

In 2010, the President of the Maldives followed suit and in partnership with Sungevity we installed solar on the Maldivian Presidential Palace. This bold vision for implementing renewable energy was a catalyst for the creation of SHOS and the impetus for our mission to increase global awareness of solar energy’s potential by building an alliance of green leaders worldwide.

Based in Oakland, CA, we’re entirely volunteer-driven and have been funded by donations since inception. Our passionate and dedicated team of 30+ volunteers, partners, advisors and friends works remotely as a global community to inspire mass adoption of solar energy around the world with innovative efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


How We Work


1. Identify

Identify leaders to receive a free SHOS system.


2. Petition

Build campaigns within each country and collect petitions.


3. Organize

Build a coalition of like-minded organizations and VIPs.

icons8-Submit Progress.png

4. Submit

Submit a formal offering to the country’s head of state.


5. Fund

Fund the project through donations and crowdfunding.


6. Build

Install the new SHOS System and celebrate!


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